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Mental Detox in the New normal


My Role

  • Identification of the main problem in the new normal
  • Finding a possible solution for the problem
  •  A prototype design with the concept


  • Shortlisted in 250 out of 1200 entries
  • Gained empathy towards common public and their mental issues


Few effective Digital counselling apps

Greater impact on GDP

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Name: Deepa Ram

Designation: IT Analyst @ MNC

Gender: Female

Family Setting: Nuclear Family (2 adults, 1 autism kid)

Income: 30k per month

Education: Graduate

Main expense: Child’s education • Therapy fees


Values & Goals: To take care of their Child with Autism and provide a good education

Pain points: Due to covid-19 all the Psychologist and special schools(special educators) are closed down. • No guidance available • difficult to take care of job and family, especially child

Fear: No Expert guidance

Mind mapping increases your creativity and productivity

My Process



Hi-Fidelity mockup

Tools used

Figma: For User Interaction design

Miro: For Brainstorming with the team members and creating the mind map



A solution that will cater to every people, who are affected by COVID-19 and endure mental and physical stress.

A that will literally empathize and interact with the users, give them a digital pat on their shoulders and give them trust to overcome their psychological problems through TRUST that proves ‘I am here for you” at all times.

An aggregator of Counsellors, Talk therapists, Fitness Trainers, Child Psychiatrist & Nutritionists empowering the lives of people by constantly boosting their confidence to survive and overcome the uncertainty  in our economy caused by Covid-19.

A Digital-human and more than a friend that can be trusted by people to share their mental issues, that can’t be shared within family and friends



Have you embraced loneliness during this covid-19 lockdown, though you are free to movie inside your home with your family?

Have you seen a mom struggling to take care of her hyperactive child, with no experts to assist her as all the clinics and daycares are closed now.

Our product is embedded with service minded experts in psychology and physiotherapists, available for one-to-one conversation at a required and scheduled time.

An elder member in a family is always the treasure of its own. Our product will have a group of educated elders online from their residence and able to talk to users out of their stress


During the 2 weeks of research, I spoke to various kinds of people and 1 specific use case hurt more than any other.

The mother of a child with autism doesn’t have anyone to assist her or her child as all the doctors and therapists have abandoned them. My friend who is a child Psychologist gave the advice required. The mother is a working woman and has to work from home at the same time has to play with her hyperactive kid full day and she is unable to allocate few hours of time to sleep. This has made her health worse now.

Through our product, we believe to consolidate all the experts in the Psychology and Physiology render their service to as many as people in India and reduce their mental stress and bring back their life to normal mode rather than a survival mode.

UI Design

Splash screen
Registration screen
Expert Recordings
Make a New call

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